Azalea Rhododendron Bush Varieties

Hybrid Azaleas

Coral Bells Azaleas

'Coral Bells'

Azalea x 'Coral Bells' Coral Pink 2' - 4' has a low growing, spreading form great in small gardens or as landscape accent. Dwarf to semi dwarf.  The abundant coral pink flowers of 'Coral Bells' is a welcomed site in early spring when a winter landscape begins to wake. A low growing, evergreen plant with glossy gray green leaves, 'Coral Bells' is an excellent choice for planting in groups and is a low maintenance pick for Georgia gardens.


Delaware Valley Azalea

'Delaware Valley'

Azalea x 'Delaware Valley White' White 3' - 4'. Glenn Dale hybrid. Low, spreading habit on a vigorous evergreen shrub. 'Delaware Valley White' has single, pure white flowers in mid spring to early summer and medium green leaves. Plant as an accent or low border, the white of 'Delaware Valley' looks lovely when partnered with other pink and red azalea bushes.


'Fashion' Azaleas

Girard hybrid 'Fashion' Red 2' - 4'.  Dwarf to semi dwarf. A low growing, compact shrub with a round form, shad mid sized, bright red flowers in late spring. Leaves are a deep green that of sets the red color beautifully. With its compact size 'Fashion' is a good choice for accents in a border, sidewalk plantings or in a wooded setting.


Flame Dance Azaleas

'Flame Dance'

'Flame Dance' Red Dwarf 2' - 3'. Low growing, compact form for small space gardening. Single red flowers in late spring and a low growing form, 'Flame Dance' adds a bright spot in a landscape. It is a low maintenance shrub hardy in Southern gardens. The cheerful color of the large, showy blooms make 'Flame Dance' a great pick for planting in groups or as an accent.


'Formosa' Azalea

Azalea indica 'Formosa' Lavender Pink 8'. Profuse lavender pink flowers on a tall growing azalea bush. Features evergreen foliage on an upright shrub, 'Formosa' is a good choice for hedges and back of the garden borders. Large flowers bloom in early spring add a colorful, bright display to a landscape.


George Tabor Azalea

'George Tabor'

Azalea Southern Indica 'George Tabor' Pink White 6 - 8'. A large azalea bush with trumpet shaped, pink flowers in mid spring. 'George Tabor' is an attractive plant for groupings or as a natural hedge. Grows more rapidly than other azalea bushes and is heat tolerant, perfect for Georgia climates.


GG Gerbing Azaleas

'GG Gerbing'

Azalea indica 'Mrs. G. G. Gerbing' White 6' - 8'. Abundant pure white flowers and a classic in southern gardens. 'Mrs. G. G. Gerbing' is a large bush which is lovely as a natural hedge or in large or small groups. Showy, medium sized flowers appear in early spring, foliage is dense and medium green.


 Girard Crimson Azalea

Girard 'Crimson'

Girard 'Crimson' Reddish Pink 2' Dwarf. Large, showy flowers are a deep crimson pink on a compact bush. Dark green leaves contrast beautifully with the crimson pink blossoms, new growth is a light green. 'Crimson' is the perfect size to plant n front of taller bushes or in a perennial bed.


Girard Pleasant White

Girard 'Pleasant White'

Girard 'Pleasant White' 3' - 4'. Dwarf to semi dwarf. Evergreen azalea with a compact and low habit. Leaves are a lustrous dark green, flowers are large and white. The single, rounded white flowers can be up to 3" across. 'Pleasant White' large, spreading habit makes it a great landscape plant for front of the borders and mass plantings. Green foliage color is lighter than other Girard varieties.


Girard 'Renee Michelle'

Girard 'Renee Michelle' Pink 3'. Known for its profuse, bright pink flowers, is a great choice for a front yard or along the edges of sidewalks and paths. A bit taller than a dwarf, 'Renee Michelle' adds just enough height but is not to tall to use in compact spaces or side yards.


Girard Rose Azalea

Girard 'Rose'

Girard 'Rose' Rose Red 2' - 4'. Dwarf to semi dwarf. A lovely mid spring bloomer in a deep rose color. Set against semi evergreen dark red foliage, really 'pop' in a landscape design. A low growing, mound forming bush, 'Rose' is a convenient plant to use to hide the legs of taller bushes or small trees. Use in mixed borders, woodland garden edges or as front yard accent plantings. Like many azaleas,'Rose' makes a beautiful statement when used for mass plantings.


Girard Hot Shot Azaleas

Girard 'Hot Shot'

Girard 'Hot Shot' Red 2' - 4'. Dwarf to semi dwarf. With prolific blooms of single, reddish-orange flowers, 'Hot Shot' is perfect for the homeowner who prefers red colors in their landscape. The compact, round form is is useful for adding color to a shady area and the evergreen leaves are handy for front yard planting where you want something in the winter time. A great pick for perennial beds, mailbox landscaping and under small trees.


Gumpo White Azalea

Gumpo White

Gumpo White White 2' - 3'. Dwarf to semi dwarf azalea bushes.  Beautiful, pure white flowers late in the season. Gumpo White is a dependable, hardy azalea for the south. Its small size make it a good choice for urban and small space gardens. Gumpo White is stunning when planted in mass with other flowering bushes to pull out color or as an accent plant.


Gumpo Pink Azalea

Gumpo Pink

Gumpo Pink Pink 2' - 3'. Dwarf to semi dwarf azalea bushes. Lovely pale to medium pink flowers emerge later in the spring, extending your azalea blooming season. Evergreen shurv, a perfect solution for hiding the base of taller, leggy bushes. Compact and dense, Gumpo Pink is perfect for a small space garden, along walkways and paths or when planted at a mailbox.


Hersheys Red Azaleas

'Hershey Red'

Rhododendron 'Hershey's Red' Red 3'. Dwarf to semi dwarf azalea bushes. Stunning rose red flowers, a dense, compact form. A great landscape design solution for small space gardens. 'Hershey's Red' looks wonderful planted in masses or used as borders. They may also be useful in a shade garden and can provide a spot of evergreen color in winter time.


Mildred Azaleas

'Mildred' Azaleas

'Mildred' Lavender 3'. Low, mounding shrub. Dwarf to semi dwarf. An old time favorite, 'Mildred' is a profuse bloomer with lavender pink flowers and a compact form. Leaves are deep green and evergreen. 'Mildred' is a good choice for mass planting or as a low growing, informal hedge along a path or border.


Poukhanenese Azaleas

'Poukhanenese' Azaleas

Rhododendron yedoense var. poukhanense Korean azalea 'Poukhanenese' Rose Purple to Lavender 3' - 6'. Showy, fragrant flowers. 'Poukhanenese' is evergreen in mild winters, deciduous in cold climates. An old fashioned bush, 'Poukhanenese' has a delicate appearance which is great in cottage or Asian gardens. Flowers are large and showy in a gentle, lavender pink shade. 'Poukhanenese' is noted for its prolific blooms.



Bloom-A-Thon Azaleas

Repeat blooming from the Proven Winners Collection.


Bloom 'N Again Azalea

Repeat blooming from the Gardner's Confidence Collection.


Encore Azaleas

Encore Azaleas are a beautiful addition to any landscape and perfect for the azalea lover with repeating blooms in spring,summer and fall. The Encore varieties first set of flowers appears in the spring season. Once the spring of blooming closes, new shoots begin to grow and set new buds. The second set of buds then produce a new set of flowers when they bloom into full flower mid summer.

Additional varieties we sometimes carry: autumn Monarch, Autumn Bravo, Autumn Royalty, Autumn Angel.


Encore Azaleas Autumn Amethys

Encore Azalea 'Autumn Amethyst'

Dark purple to pink 4'. Single deep pink to purple flowers.


Encore Azalea Autumn Belle

Encore Azalea 'Autumn Belle'

Bicolor Pink 5'. Semi double petals in a beautiful light pink with deeper pink throats.


encore azalea autumn carnation

Encore Azalea 'Autumn Carnation'

Medium Pink 4.5'. Repeat blooming, semi double flower.


Encore Azalea Autumn Cheer

Dwarf Encore Azalea 'Autumn Cheer'

Pink 3'. Dwarf size, single petals.


Encore Azaleas Autumn Embers

Dwarf Encore Azalea 'Autumn Embers'

Deep Orange Red 3'. Semi double in a unique orange red shade.


Encore Azalea Autumn Empress

Encore Azalea 'Autumn Empress'

Pink 4'. Semi double


Encore Azalea Autumn Lilac

Dwarf Encore Azalea 'Autumn Lilac'

Light Purple 3'. Dwarf size, single petals.


Encore Azalea Autumn Monarch

Encore Azalea 'Autumn Monarch'


encore azalea autumn moonlight

Encore Azalea 'Autumn Moonlight'

White with yellow throats 5'. Evergreen repeat blooming, semi double flower.


encore azalea autumn princess

Dwarf Encore Azalea 'Autumn Princess'

Salmon Pink 3' - 4'. Evergreen repeat blooming, semi double flower.


Encore Azalea Autumn Rouge

Encore Azalea 'Autumn Rouge'


Encore Azalea Autumn Ruby

Dwarf Encore Azalea 'Autumn Ruby'

Red 3'. Dwarf size, single petals.


encore azalea autumn sangria

Encore Azalea 'Autumn Sangria'

Dark Pink 4' - 5'. Evergreen repeat blooming single flower.


encore azalea autumn sunset

Encore Azalea 'Autumn Sunset'

Vivid Orange Red 4'.  Evergreen repeat blooming semi double flowers.


Encore Azaleas Autumn Sweetheart

Encore Azalea 'Autumn Sweetheart'

Soft pink to almost white 4'. Soft pink to almost white blossoms with lavender freckles


encore azalea autumn twist

Encore Azalea 'Autumn Twist'

White with purple stripes 4.5'. Evergreen repeat blooming spring and fall. Unique white with purple stripes flowers and occasional solid purple flowers mixed in.


 Native Azaleas

Native azaleas are seasonal, we usually carry them in spring or fall but can order some varieties upon request. Native azaleas hate dry areas and require good drainage. They won't thrive in poorly drained, clay soil where they may develop root rot or in sun where they may burn. Native azaleas do best in dappled shade along woodland edges, shade gardens or above creek and pond banks.



admiral semmes native azalea

Native Azalea 'Admiral Semmes'

Fragrant! Rhododendron  'Admiral Semmes' Yellow 10' - 15'. Well suited for our heat and humidity, is considered to be a trouble free native azalea. Large, showy flowers appear in late spring which will steal the show in your landscape. Blooms are a vibrant yellow and highly fragrant. 'Admiral Semmes' is a fast growing, large shrub so be sure to give it space! A stunning specimen for a wooded area, 'Admiral Semmes' will show up for a distance while in bloom.


Native Azalea Camillas Blush

Native Azalea 'Camilla's Blush'

Fragrant! Rhododendron 'Camilla's Blush' Soft Pink 6' - 8'. This deciduous native is frequently seen as a selection of Piedmont azaleas. 'Camilla's Blush' has highly fragrant, showy, pale pink flowers in spring. It is a must have for the scented garden. Like most native azaleas, 'Camilla's Blush' does not like wet feet so plant this beauty in a well drained spot where it will get some relief from our hot Georgia sun!


Native Azalea Lisas Gold

Native Azalea 'Lisa's Gold'

Fragrant! Rhododendron 'Lisa's Gold' Gold Yellow 10' - 12'. Very fragrant, golden yellow blooms in late spring. An early bloomer for a native, 'Lisa's Gold' puts on quite a show and will fill the air with its wonderful scent. A mid size to tall bush, give her plenty of space to grow. Habit is open and airy, 'Lisa's Gold' may be planted with other denser bushes in a mixed border or as a specimen.


Native Azalea My Mary

Native Azalea 'My Mary'

Fragrant! Rhododendron  'My Mary' Orange Yellow  4' - 6'. Adeciduous native hybrid rhododendron with showy, very fragrant flowers in late spring. The blooms are a stunning orange yellow, tubular shaped and are very attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds. While in bloom, 'My Mary' will scent your entire yard. Foliage is a medium to pale green and emerge late in the season. 'My Mary'  is a beautiful shrub for a woodland garden, mass plantings or shrub border.


Native Azalea 'Summer Eyelet'

Fragrant! Rhododendron 'Summer Eyelet'  Pure White 5'. This native features an open, airy shape. 'Summer Eyelet' blooms late in the season and will fill a yard with a wonderful, spicy clove like scent.  Flowers are pure white with lovely red stamens. A strong growing selection of the native viscosum azalea, 'Summer Eyelet'  is a desirable shrub for a shady spot in the garden.


tangerine delight native azalea

Native Azalea 'Tangerine Delight', 'Gibraltar'

Fragrant! Rhododendron 'Tangerine Delight' Orange 10'. A hybrid of native species, deciduous. Blooms mid spring with bright orange, show stopping flowers. 'Tangerine Delight' is among the easiest of the native varieties  to grow and a great choice for starting a native collection. 'Tangerine Delight' is a prolific bloomer and considered among the best of the orange blooming varieties. 'Gibraltar' is also orange flowering and will grow to 6'.





Abbey’s Re-view Rhododendron

'Abbey’s Re-view' Rhododendron

Rhododendron x 'Abbey’s Re-view' Lavender Pink 6' - 8' Evergreen. A profuse, repeat bloomer. 'Abbey’s Re-view' will flower in spring and fall, yet in the summer still be attractive with deep green, rich foliage. A very old fashioned looking flower that looks like a heritage azalea blossom. The bright lavender pink blossoms really stand out over the darker leaves. 'Abbey’s Re-view' is a great pick for a privacy hedge, foundation or as a stand out shrub in a landscape design. A farm favorite.


Chionoides Rhododendron

'Chionoides' Rhododendrons

Rhododendron x 'Chionoides' White 4' - 6' Evergreen. With its compact, dense form and evergreen leaves, 'Chionoides' can be a useful plant in a landscape.  White flowers with yellow freckled throats appear in abundance in spring. The blooms are large and showy, sure to attract attention in a garden. 'Chionoides' is a bit more sun tolerant than other rhododendron cultivars but still will need relief from our afternoon sun.


Nova Zembla Rhododendron

'Nova Zembla' Rhododendrons

Rhododendron x 'Nova Zembla' Red Pink 5' Evergreen. A hybrid of our native R. catawbiense, 'Nova Zembla' is known for being a hardy cultivar choice. Blooming occurs in late spring and the flowers are one of the few 'red' colors you can find in rhododendrons. The buds are large and dramatic, blooms bright and show stopping. 'Nova Zembla' needs afternoon shade and some protection form our hot Georgia sun.


Roseum elegans Rhododendrons

'Roseum elegans' Rhododendrons

Rhododendron x 'Roseum elegans' Lilac Rose 6' - 8' Evergreen. A beautiful large sized rhododendron prized for its large, lilac colored flowers. 'Roseum elegans' has a wide, upright form with dense, dark green leaves. Flowering occurs in late spring. An abundant bloomer, 'Roseum elegans' is hardy and adaptable to our southern climate.  It is a great choice for mixed borders, privacy fencing and woodland gardens.



This is a sample of Azalea Rhododendron bushes for sale in our plant nursery. Nursery shrubs are seasonal and subject to change. Please visit or contact us for current plant stock.

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