Heuchera, Heucherella, Coralbells, Tiarella, Foamy Bells Varieties

The Kinsey Family Farm plant nursery offers an assortment of perennial heucherella and heuchera plants available for sale. Also known as perennial Coralbells, Foamy Bells or Alumroot, they are one of the best shade perennial for adding color to your garden. Supplies are limited!


Amber Lady Heuchera

Amber Lady Heuchera - features soft, velvety leaves with amber upper and rose pink underside. A fine silver marbling overlay creates a beautiful contrast. Foliage is heaily lobed for additional texture in a shady spot or container garden.


Berry Smoothie Heuchera Coral Bells

Berry Smoothie Bold color which changes during the growing season. Early leaves emerge a bright rose pink. As summer progresses, they turn a deeper purple shade. Flower clusters area soft creamy pink which adds a nice contrast to the colorful leaves below. Berry Smoothie is ideal for containers, a shade garden or perennial flower bed.


Blackout Heuchera Coral Bells

Blackout Heuchera - Clump forming plant with leaves so dark purple they look black from a distance. Foliage has a shiny, high gloss. Looks wonderful when pared with chartreuse coralbells or lime green ornamental grasses.


Buttered Rum Heuchera

Buttered Rum Heucherella - Heavy cut maple leaf shaped foliage adds texture to a shade garden while the copper orange tone brings color. Spring color bright copper-orange which deepens as the season progresses. Fall leaves are rich burgundy.


Caramel Heuchera Heucherella Plant

Caramel Heuchera - Clump forming cultivar which features unique apricot to pink foliage and light pink bells. Easy care, grows well in shade and adds a different color to southern gardens. Carmel is a beautiful plant for the front of a border or perennial garden.


Galaxy Heuchera Coral Bells

Galaxy Heuchera - Dark red with pink spots variegated foliage. In spring, leaves emerge a bright red color which darkens in summer. Foliage of Galaxy darkens during the growing season and the pink spots grow more prominent. White flowers.


Gold Zebra Heucherella

Gold Zebra Heucherella - Gold Zebra is noted for its humidity and heat tolerance. Foliage is dramatic with bold colors of brilliant yellow featuring dark red centers. Gold Zebra provides an eye catching display of color for the shade. Flowers are white and sit high above the plant.


Lime Ricky Heuchera

Lime Ricky Heucherella - Heavy cut maple leaf foliage brings texture to a shade garden. Leaves are a vibrant lime green and yellow. pair with red and purple leaf perennials for pop in a shade garden and brilliant curb appeal.


Peach Flambe Heuchera Coral Bells

Peach Flambe Heuchera - Rounded, lobed leaves with a bright peach color that is infused with red. Peach Flambe has plum tones in fall. A best pick to match with chartreuse colors in a perennial border. Mound forming perennial coral bells.


Solar Eclipse Heucherella Plant

Solar Eclipse Heucherella - Clump forming plant with dark purple leaves, each edged in chartreuse. Solar Eclipse leaves are red brown with a contrasting lime green border. The edges have a lovely, old fashioned scallop shape and the overall habit is a dense mound.


Stainless Steel Heuchera Heuchera Plant

Stainless Steel Heuchera - Metallic foliage cultivar. New leaf color is silver with a plum purple tint, turning to a clear silver during blooming. As the leaves mature, the dark purple veining becomes more pronounced for a dramatic overall effect. Stainless Steel foliage underside is one of the best dark purple leaves we have seen and has a red tone mixed in. Large white bells. Stainless Steel forms an open mound.


Sweet Tea Heuchera Coral Bells

Sweet Tea Heucherella - A stunning mound forming heucherella in warm apricot shades. Sweet Tea is a colorful sight in a shade garden as shades orange mix with cinnamon brown and a hint of green. The coloring darkens over summer then lightens again in fall. Sweet Tea is considered a heat and humidity tolerant. It is a large leaved foamy bells cultivar and can reach 20". Leaf edges are scalloped.


Tiarella Fancy Trails Foamflower

Tiarella 'Fancy Trails' Foamflower has a bright green margin with dark purple to black deeply lobed leaves. Blooms are star shaped, white puffs with pink tips. Tiarella 'Fancy Trails' is a great container plant or as a groundcover in a shady garden.


Candy Striper Tiarella Foamflower

Tiarella Candy Striper A foamflower which has deeply cut, large green leaves with maroon red stripes down the center that forms an attractive star pattern. Soft pink flowers are mildly fragrant and rise on spikes in late spring. Use in containers, as a shady border edging or to accent shrubs.


Heuchera, Coralbells varieties for sale in our garden center are subject to change.

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