Hydrangea Shrub Varieties

Hydrangea paniculata Baby Lace

'Baby Lace' Lacecap

Hydrangea paniculata Panicle Hydrangea 'Baby Lace' 3' - 4' from the Gardeners Confidence collection. Lacecap. Sun tolerant with afternoon shade. Finally a compact hydrangea for small spaced yards! 'Baby Lace' features stunning white flowers and deep green foliage. Blooms on new wood so pinch back the spend blossoms to encourage a repeat bloom in summertime. May be container grown. Sun.


Endless Summer BloomStruck Hydrangea

'BloomStruck' Endless Summer

'BloomStruck' 3'- 4' re-blooming. Shade tolerant from the Endless Summer collection. Depending on soil pH, you may have vivid rose pink or purple flowers. A good choice for southern gardens, 'BloomStruck' is disease and heat resistant. All summer long this bush will produce large, showy flowers and be a focal point in your yard. The stems are a vivid red with large, deep green leaves. Plant 'BloomStruck in mass as a hedge, in a container or as a single shrub in a border garden.



'Blushing Bride' Endless Summer

'Blushing Bride' 3'- 6' . Shade tolerant from the Endless Summer collection, re-blooming. Pure white semi-double florets. The stunning flowers of 'Blushing Bride' are pure white semi-double florets, which will mature to blush pink or pale blue depending on the pH of your soil. Like many hydrangea bushes the blooms on 'Blushing Bride' are perfect as cut flowers. Flowers all summer for constant color in your yard.



Climbing Hydrangea

Climbing Hydrangea. Vine. Shade tolerant.


Dooley Penny Mac Hydrangea

'Dooley' and Penny Mac Mophead

Hydrangea macrophylla Mophead Hydrangea 'Dooley' and Penny Mac. Shade tolerant. Blue or pink depending upon soil acid levels. Huge, show stopping blooms during summer, 'Dooley' and Penny Mac have long been a gardener's favorite. 'Dooley' and Penny Mac hydrangea bushes are low maintenance and require little care but will offer an amazing return with the oversized flowers it produces.


Edgy Hearts Hydrangea

'Edgy Hearts'

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Edgy Hearts' 3' - 5'. A Proven Winners plant. Bloom color is affected by soil pH. Shade tolerant. 'Edgy Hearts' has distinctive, large flowers in summer. The petals of the rounded flower heads fold lengthwise to produce a beautiful a heart shaped look.The individual petals are edged in white, while the rest of the color can be red-pink or blue. An alkaline soil will turn the petal interior pink while acidic makes them blue. 'Edgy Hearts' has a beautiful, old fashioned appearance, which is simply show stopping. 'Edgy Hearts' also makes a Good cut flower. Leaves are glossy green.


Everlasting Revolution Hydrangea

'Everlasting Revolution'

Hydrangea macrophylla Hydrangea 'Everlasting Revolution' Shade tolerant. 'Everlasting Revolution' features stunning maroon, pink to blue color changes on a single shrub which will create a show stopping look in your yard. All of these shades may be present on the blooms at once, with delicate green highlights as the flowers mature. 'Everlasting Revolution' is a heavily reblooming bush and will flower again late in the season. Part of the Everlasting series, 'Everlasting Revolution' was bred for the cut flower market so designed to produce many flowers.


Fire Light Hydrangea

'Fire Light' Panicle

Hydrangea paniculata Panicle Hydrangea 'Fire Light' 5' Sun tolerant. A Proven Winners plant. 'Fire Light' is a new panicle hydrangea that produces large flower heads in midsummer. It features a unique white to red color; the blooms open to a lovely snow white, then mature to a beautiful deep red as summer progresses. 'Fire Light' makes an impressive display in any landscape and will be sure to attract attention. The red and white color blends beautifully with roses or evergreen shrubs for curb appeal in a front yard. It may be grown as a single specimen or in a mass planting along a fence or border. 'Fire Light' will begin to flower slightly earlier than other panicle hydrangeas.


Hydrangea Fuji Waterfall

'Fuji Waterfall'

Hydrangea serrata Lacecap Hydrangea 'Fuji Waterfall' Shade tolerant. A unique lacecap, 'Fuji Waterfall' has double flowers. Both the central petals and the pure white outer sepals are double. The unusual white blooms of 'Fuji Waterfall' cascade over deep, dark tapered leaves for a gentle waterfall effect. A best pick shrub for for the shade garden, containers or as a border plant.


Limelight Hydrangea

'Limelight' Panicle

Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight' 6' - 8' Sun tolerant. A Proven Winners plant. This variety has unique bright chartreuse flowers which begin in mid-summer. 'Limelight' holds its refreshing color into fall when the blooms change to a rich, deep pink color. 'Limelight' has large flower heads for a showy display in any garden. Sun tolerant.



'Little Lime'

'Little Lime'. A dwarf hydrangea variety with flowers similar to 'Limelight'. 'Little Lime' has the the same blooms but in a smaller shrub for small space gardens. Beautiful green flowers change to pink in fall. 'Little Lime' is good for containers or use in cut flower arrangements.Sun tolerant.


Proven Winners Lets Dance Diva Hydrangea

'Let's Dance Diva' Bigleaf

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Let's Dance Diva' 3' - 4' Shade tolerant. A Proven Winners plant, part of the Let's Dance series. Blue to pink color depends upon soil pH. Re-blooming mophead variety. You can have a variety of colors in purple, blue or pink with the 'Let's Dance Diva' bigleaf hydrangea. An alkaline soil will turn the petals a mid to deep pink while acidic soil will change them to a purple blue. 'Let's Dance Diva' has attractive, glossy foliage with a deep green color. 'Let's Dance Diva' blooms on both new and old wood.


Nikko Blue Bigleaf Hydrangea

'Nikko Blue' Bigleaf

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Nikko Blue' Shade tolerant. Blue to pink color depends upon soil pH. 'Nikko Blue' has abundant globe-shaped flower heads all summer. The showy blooms are produced in clusters on old wood. When planted in acidic soils, produces blue flowers; in more alkaline soils, flower color may have a pink hue. 'Nikko Blue' is considered to be the most reliable of the blue color cultivars with exceptionally large blooms which can be consistently truer blue color in a wider range of soils.


Hydrangea quercifolia Oakleaf

Dwarf Oakleaf 'Munchkin'

NATIVE. Hydrangea quercifolia Oakleaf Hydrangea 'Munchkin' 3'. 'Munchkin' is a compact oakleaf for the small space landscape. It blooms in a profusion of large flower clusters which contrast beautifully against dark green, deeply lobed leaves. Flowers open white and will age to a gentle pink color, remaining reliably upright. The fall foliage on 'Munchkin' is brilliant mahogany for multi season interest.



Oakleaf 'Queen of Hearts'

NATIVE. Hydrangea quercifolia Oakleaf Hydrangea 'Queen of Hearts' 6' - 7'. Nine inch long flower heads are held upright on this oakleaf variety. 'Queen of Hearts' flowers about a week later than most oak leafs extending the bloom season in a garden. Flowers open white and will slowly age to a deep pink. Dark green summer foliage turns a beautiful mahogany red during fall and exfoliating bark provides winter interest.



Oakleaf 'Ruby Slippers'

NATIVE. Hydrangea quercifolia 'Ruby Slippers' 3' -5'. Semi dwarf. Exceptionally large flower clusters bloom in summer, displayed against deeply lobed, dark green, oak like leaves. Flowers first appear white and then quickly age to delicate deep pink. Foliage has the classic trait of an oakleaf and turns a wonderful maroon purple for fall, lighting up any woodland garden area. 'Ruby Slippers' is a compact plant that is well suited for small landscapes.


Oakleaf Hydrangea Snow Queen

Oakleaf 'Snow Queen'

NATIVE. Hydrangea quercifolia Oakleaf Hydrangea 'Snow Queen' 6' - 10'. A beautiful, dramatic shrub in any landscape, plant in groups, as single specimen, for a foundation planting or in a mixed border. 'Snow Queen' features the distinct large, deep green oak leaf shaped foliage of the species which turn a mixture of purples, deep reds and bronze in fall. In summer, white, cone-shaped flowers appear which age to pink and then tan for winter. Flower panicles on 'Snow Queen' are more upright and denser than species. Mature cinnamon colored bark exfoliates, peeling in strips. Part sun, shade.


Mophead Hydrangea Endless Summer Original

'The Original' Mophead

Hydrangea macrophylla Mophead Hydrangea 'The Original' 3' - 5' Shade tolerant mophead from the re-blooming Endless Summer collection. Flower color may be altered to pink or blue with soil pH. Repeat blooming  hydrangea 'The Original' can flower on both the current season's growth as well as the previous year's. May be container grown.


Silver Dollar Hydrangea

'Silver Dollar'

'Silver Dollar' Hydrangea paniculata 4-5'. 'Silver Dollar' is a smaller size hydrangea shrub that will give you the large, show stopping blooms of a paniculata, yet in a compact form for the small spaced landscape. It is a smaller growing selection of Peegee which produces abundant white flowers in late summer. Full sun to part shade.


Lacecap Endless Summer Hydrangea Twist n Shout

'Twist-n-Shout' Lacecap Endless Summer

Hydrangea macrophylla Endless Summer 'Twist-n-Shout' 3' - 5' Shade tolerant from the Endless Summer collection, re-blooming. Blue to pink color depends upon soil pH. A re-blooming lacecap. Pink or Blue Flowering begins in early summer and will continue through the autumn months. The deep green leaves of really make the flowers stand out. Plant 'Twist-n-Shout'™ in mass, as an accent shrub or informal hedge. May be container grown.


Panicle Hydrangea Vanilla Strawberry

'Vanilla Strawberry' Panicle

Hydrangea paniculata Panicle Hydrangea 'Vanilla Strawberry' 6' - 7' Sun tolerant. A panicle hydrangea which produces enormous, showy flower panicles upright red stems. White to pink booms on 'Vanilla Strawberry' emerge a creamy vanilla color starting in midsummer, which change to pink as they age and then finally to stunning strawberry red. 'Vanilla Strawberry' continues to produce new blooms which give the plant a multicolored effect. Sure to be an eye catcher in any landscape. Plant in mass groups, along borders or a specimen shrub.



Hydrangea bushes are in assorted container sizes. Retail or wholesale customers. This is a sample of Hydrangea varieties we have for sale, new cultivars are added regularly. Please contact or visit us for current stock.

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