Japanese Maple Tree Varieties

Biho Japanese Maple


Acer palmatum Japanese Maple 'Bihou'. 'Bihou' is best known for its bright yellow bark. This yellow bark contrasting brightly with red buds will create pop in your landscape. New leaves are chartreuse with a red edge and will turn a medium green for summer. Fall color is yellow and orange. In winter 'Bihou' shines when the bark turns a brilliant orange yellow. The striking yellow bark will stand out in any landscape. 'Bihou' is a wonderful addition to the winter garden and looks stunning when paired with 'Sango Kaku' coral bark to create a dramatic effect. 'Bihou' is a fast growing tree which has a vase shaped when young.


Bloodgood Japanese Maple


Acer palmatum atropurpureum Japanese Maple 'Bloodgood'. Large upright tree 15' - 20', one of the red leaf we carry in our nursery and a hardy specimen for Georgia landscapes. 'Bloodgood' has a beautiful, round shape canopy, making it well suited to residential landscapes as a front yard or specimen tree.  'Bloodgood' is a popular choice because of its foliage which will remain red for most of the summer. Leaves can take on a green tint during hot weather. The trunk is a picturesque gray and suited for highlighting with spotlights at night. Fall color is reddish. 'Bloodgood' is a dependable grower in southern gardens.


Butterfly Japanese Maple


Acer palmatum Japanese Maple variegated 'Butterfly'. Upright tree 10' - 12'. Similar to 'Beni Shishihenge', 'Butterfly' one of the variegated varieties and has spectacular green and white variegated leaves. The green and white foliage also features a red tint around the borders and will really stand out against a dark or brick house. 'Butterfly' requires shade or dappled sunlight, plant in a protected area against strong winter winds. Fall color can be shades of yellow, red purple and bronze. The variegated foliage makes this plant a unique choice and not one to be passed up in any collection.


Crimson Queen Japanese Maple

'Crimson Queen' Weeping

Acer palmatum var. dissectum Japanese Maple 'Crimson Queen'. Low branching dwarf tree with delicate, laceleaf foliage and a weeping effect. A dissectum red, 'Crimson Queen' holds its leaf color well in summer time. Autumn foliage is an assortment of crimson to scarlet red shades. Prefers lightly dappled shade as the leaves may scorch in full sun in our hot Georgia summers. The cascading form makes 'Crimson Queen' a best pick for specimen/accent plant. 'Crimson Queen' can create a dramatic statement as a single planting or is effective when planted in small groupings for shrub borders. It also may be showcased in large containers on a deck, by an entry way or alongside a walk way.


Emperor I Japanese Maple

'Emperor I'

Acer palmatum 'Wolff' Japanese Maple 'Emperor I'. Large upright tree 15'.  'Emperor I' works well as a small front yard lawn tree. Foliage is a deep purple red which changes to brilliant scarlet during fall. Holds its red color leaf color well during the summer. Bark is an attractive blackish red. 'Emperor I' is an exceptionally strong tree and a hardy and a vigorous grower, does well in the southern gardens of Georgia. 'Emperor I' can tolerate more sun than other Japanese maples. Early foliage emerges somewhat later than other varieties, minimizing the potential for frost damage.


Fireglow Japanese Maple


Japanese Maple 'Fireglow'. 7' - 12' dwarf upright. A vigorous fire red Japanese maple, 'Fireglow' will maintain a small size for an upright tree and can be a great idea for a courtyard or container plant. The brilliant red color of 'Fireglow' is similar to the larger 'Bloodgood' tree however the foliage not as deeply divided. The intense red foliage color of 'Fireglow' will remain throughout the throughout the summer months. In autumn the leaves will change to purple red and green color. The name 'Fireglow' comes from the striking, glowing color as the sun shines though the leaves.


Glowing Embers Japanese Maple

'Glowing Embers'

Acer palmatum Japanese Maple 'Glowing Embers'. Large upright tree 15' - 20'. Colorful! Brilliant green leaves in summer turn green to purple then fluorescent yellow and orange in fall. Vigorous growth rate, brilliant fall color and adaptability to a variety of landscape growing conditions make 'Glowing Embers' a best pick for southern landscapes. Summer foliage is bright green, then in the fall, 'Glowing Embers' provides a stunning array of colors when the leaves change from green to purple, bright orange and yellow. The color of each leaf varies as fall progresses. A single branch may display four distinctly different colors at once. 'Glowing Embers' can tolerate more sun than other Japanese maples.


Inaba Shidare Japanese Maple

'Inaba Shidare' Dwarf Cascading

Acer palmatum var. dissectum Japanese Maple 'Inaba Shidare'. Dwarf upright with cascading form 7' - 10'.  Colorful! Dissectum red laceleaf, cutleaf, or threadleaf. Typically this plant grows in an upright, rounded yet cascading form with low branching. Palmate leaves give a delicate, airy appearance. Foliage features deeply incised lobes which are are cut to the base of the leaf. Known as a laceleaf, cutleaf, or threadleaf Japanese maple, 'Inaba Shidare' has larger, more intricate leaves which develop a deep red purple tone as they emerge in spring. 'Inaba Shidare' retains this brilliant color during the season. Fall color is often spectacular and includes combination of shades in red, yellow, bronze and purple. Shade tolerant, needs afternoon shade.


Orangeola Japanese Maple

'Orangeola' Weeping

Acer palmatum Japanese Maple 'Orangeola'. Weeping dwarf, laceleaf, cutleaf or threadleaf. Colorful! One of the fastest growing dissectums yet does not attain height quickly as it is also one of the most pendulous types. A highly attractive cascading laceleaf Japanese Maple with a pendulous form. In early spring the leaves of 'Orangeola' emerge in tones of orange and green. As spring progresses the foliage takes on purple color and in summer the older leaves begin to turn green. During the fall 'Orangeola' puts on a show of bright orange red foliage. This great plant changes personality all season long. This small tree does extremely well in hotter climates and makes a show stopping specimen in a front yard. 'Orangeola' can also be planted in containers.


Osakazuk Japanese Maple


Acer palmatum 'Osakazuki'. Upright tree 12' - 16'. Bright green foliage in summer creates a highlight in any landscape plan. For most of the growing season the leaf color is a rich green, however new spring foliage emerges olive orange. In fall, the leaves become brilliant crimson red which will retain that color for several weeks. 'Osakazuki' has good  vigor and an intense color, making it a top choice for residential or commercial plantings. 'Osakazuki' has large leaves for a more formal look with a durable texture that does not burn as easily as other cultivars. An excellent accent or specimen tree.


Oregon Sunset

'Oregon Sunset'

Acer palmatum Japanese Maple 'Oregon Sunset'. Lateral yet slightly upright branching dwarf tree 6' - 8' with a spread to 10'. Truly a beauty, 'Oregon Sunset' has soft red, graceful foliage during spring which darkens to burgundy in summer. As the name states, fall colors are the colors of the sunset, brilliant shades of orange, plum pink and red.


Oshio Beni Japanese Maple

'Oshi Beni'

Acer palmatum 'Oshio Beni'. has more of an orange tone than the classic upright reds. Graceful, arching shape with finely serrated, deep lobed, brilliant orange red foliage. Offers a lacy effect in a landscape. Foliage turns garnet red for fall. A classic Japanese maple to plant as a corner foundation, off a patio or small specimen.


Pink Lace Viridis Japanese Maple

'Pink Lace Viridis'

Acer palmatum 'Pink Lace Viridis'. A lovely dwarf dissectum laceleaf. In spring, foliage emerges with gentle pink edges to the chartreuse leaves and provides a bright spot in a shady area of your yard. During the summer time, 'Pink Lace Viridis' will change to a pleasant medium green. Fall color is gold. 'Pink Lace Viridis' is best when grown in partial shade.


Sango Kaku Japanese Maple

'Sango Kaku' Coral Bark

Acer palmatum Japanese Maple 'Sango Kaku' Coral Bark. Upright tree 12' - 15'. Palmatum deeply divided leaves, vase shaped form. A highly sought after cultivar with striking, unique coloration sure to light up a yard. Summer leaf color is a beautiful light green which shines even brighter against the vivid coral colored bark. Early foliage has a strong reddish tinge that fades as the leaves mature. Over the summer leaves change to an even lighter shade of green. Fall color on 'Sango Kaku' can be one of the prettiest of any Japanese maple in a striking a yellow gold. The colors brighten during the autumn season as the weather cools, then intensify more as winter approaches. Valued for its winter interest, bark on new twigs turns almost florescent in a bright coral red after the leaves fall. 'Sango Kaku' coral bark can tolerate more sun than other Japanese maples.


Seiryu Japanese Maple


Acer palmatum Japanese Maple 'Seiryu'. Upright tree 10' - 15', dwarf dissectum laceleaf, cutleaf or threadleaf. Colorful! A true collectors plant since almost all dissectums have a cascading or weeping form. 'Seiryu' is a vase shaped, upright tree form coupled with finely dissected lacy green foliage. This is an unusual combination in any cultivar, making 'Seiryu' a sought after plant. Spring leaf color is a cheerful bright green, tips have a reddish tone as they emerge. Soon the foliage will change to a solid light green. Later in the season the reddish tones reappear. Colorful! The fall color on 'Seiryu' is quite spectacular and range from gold to light yellow, then purple crimson which can change to brilliant red.


Shaina Witchs Broom Japanese Maple

'Shaina' Witch's Broom

Acer palmatum Japanese Maple 'Shaina' Witch's Broom 4' - 5'. Unique dwarf witch's broom Japanese maple with a bushy, tufted form. Originally 'Shaina' was discovered as a witch's broom mutation on the 'Bloodgood' cultivar, 'Shaina' has similar coloring. In spring the foliage emerges a rich shade of maroon and the tree will retain a beautiful burgundy wine during the summer. Fall color is a brilliant scarlet. 'Shaina' Witch's Broom form is a great plant for the collector and a best pick for patio container or front front entryway planting.


Tamuke Yama Japanese Maple

'Tamuke Yama' Weeping

Acer palmatum Japanese Maple 'Tamukeyama'. Weeping dwarf, dissectum red laceleaf, threadleaf, cutleaf. A hardy plant with a strong cascading form. Weeping branches, feathery leaf shape combined with excellent crimson red color make 'Tamukeyama' a good choice for a landscape area needing a small specimen. 'Tamukeyama' is a beautiful cultivar featuring outstanding color throughout the seasons. In summertime the foliage is a deep purple red and in fall 'Tamukeyama' turns a bright scarlet. New growth is a deep crimson red when which soon turns to a deep purple red. Does well in both the heat and humidity of southern gardens.


Trompenburg Japanese Maple


Acer palmatum Japanese Maple 'Trompenburg'. Upright tree 15'. Deep purple foliage in summer turns scarlet red during the fall. Leaves are deeply serrated and not as prone to sun burn as other cultivars. A fast growing Japanese maple, 'Trompenburg' performs as well when it comes to heat tolerance. Foliage has a slightly cupped shape which give it an almost three dimensional appearance and and to its all around elegance and beauty. Leafstalks are purple red and the gorgeous color lasts well into late summer. 'Trompenburg' fall color is scarlet to crimson.


Ueno Yama Japanese Maple

'Ueno Yama'

Acer palmatum Japanese Maple 'Ueno Yama' Upright tree, 9' - 12'. 'Ueno Yama' is an outstanding choice for the small space garden and can make a dramatic statement with its bright orange yellow spring color. Leaves will turn to a shining light green in summer and then to yellow and orange for the fall season. Vigorous and upright growing, 'Ueno Yama' looks teriffic as a front door or yard planting.


Villa Taranto Japanese Maple

'Villa Taranto'

Acer palmatum Japanese Maple 'Villa Taranto' 6' -10'. A very enchanting, small size Japanese maple, 'Villa Taranto' has delicate, spidery thin foliage. In spring the narrow leaves emerge reddish green and will mature to green with red overtones as summer progresses. Fall color is golden-orange in autumn. Compact and mounding, 'Villa Taranto' is the perfect size for courtyard, entry or large container.


Viridis Japanese Maple

'Viridis' Weeping

Acer palmatum dissectum Japanese Maple 'Viridis'. Weeping dwarf. Dissectum green laceleaf, threadleaf, or cutleaf. Deeply dissected green leaves on cascading, weeping branches mature to a naturally formal mound, perfect for a garden focal point. While it may be staked and trained to grow taller, Japanese Maple 'Viridis' usually grows wider than it is tall. Fall color is brilliant with orange gold leaves tipped in red and will really stand out in your landscape. Foliage on 'Viridis' has an airy, delicate appearance.


waterfall japanese maple

'Waterfall' Dwarf Cascading

Japanese Maple 'Waterfall'. Dwarf upright with cascading form. Dissectum green laceleaf, threadleaf, cutleaf. Large green foliage tipped in red when first emerges in spring, turns a golden yellow in autumn. 'Waterfall' is a beautiful weeping lace leaf cultivar and a good choice as a specimen plant in a landscape design or as a large potted deck or patio tree. Bright green summer foliage holds color well throughout summer and changes to a brilliant golden tone in fall, sometimes with hints of crimson. Named 'Waterfall' for the weeping branch structure that gives this plant a waterfall look as the foliage cascades down. A faster growing green lace leaf variety and a real beauty in a yard.


This is a sample of Japanese maple varieties for sale in our plant nursery. B&B or container sizes. Please visit or contact us for current plant stock.

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