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Carex Everillo and Eversheen


Carex 'Everillo' - The golden chartreuse color of 'Everillo' adds a bright spot to a perennial bed, shade garden or patio container.


Carex 'Eversheen' stays in a tidy clump and is evergreen. A handsome lime yellow striped runs down the center of the blade while the edges are contrasting deep green.


Carex Blue Zinger

Carex 'Blue Zinger' - Clumps of attractive steel blue blades for partial shade. The softly cascading foliage makes nice edger plant along walkways and garden borders.


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Daylilies - The daylilies are beginning to bloom in our nursery! Come see the many colors we carry.


For more information visit our Daylily page.






Helleborus 'Confetti Cake' - Forms evergreen clumps with showy double white flowers. The petals are heavily sprinkled with raspberry and burgundy specks. Blooms in late winter.


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'Midnight Masquerade' Penstemon - Beardtongue. A Proven Winners plant with lavender purple flowers that have with white interiors. Foliage is  eggplant purple. Beardtongue is attractive to hummingbirds!


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Mandevilla Vine

Mandevilla Vine - Yellow or pink. A vine which should be treated like an annual plant in Georgia. The large, tropical looking flowers attract hummingbirds and add 'pop' to your landscape.


Kinsey Family Farm carries a variety of flowering vines. For more visit Flowering Vines




'FallGold' and 'Heritage' Raspberry- 'FallGold' is an unusual gold raspberry that has a delicious, sweet flavor just like red varieties. 'Heritage' is a red variety which produces a lot of berries to use in pies, jams or other recipes.


Are you interested in growing your own backyard food crops? We have other food source plants which also can be used in an ornamental landscape. See Edible Sustainable Landscape.









Spider's Web Speckled Fatsia

Fatsia 'Spider's Web' - Speckled Fatsia. A deep shade loving plant ideal for southern landscapes, Speckled Fatsia has shiny green palmate leaves bordered with a heavy white speckling. The coloring can often run the center of the leaf. Be patient, 'Spider's Web' Speckled Fatsia can take up 3 years for it to show the mature coloring characteristics. When it matures it grows into a show stopping shrub for a shade garden.


Globe Blue Spruce

Globe Blue Spruce- 3'- 5' Evergreen shrub with bright blue needles which hold their color well throughout the year. The blue is more intense during the summer months.

For other spruce varieties we carry see Spruce.


Cityline mars hydrangea

Hydrangea Cityline Mars - Proven Winners. A low growing plant with showy magenta pink or blue flowers edged in white.  Long lasting blooms in summer.


Cityline Vienna hydrangea

Hydrangea Cityline Vienna - A Proven Winners plant with dark pink or blue summer flowers. Soil pH will affect bloom color. Cityline 'Vienna' has a compact, low, mounding form for small gardens.


Lets Dance Blue Jangles hydrangea

Hydrangea Lets Dance Blue Jangles - Proven Winners. A dwarf shrub which blooms on both old and new wood. A great idea for a small space garden due to the compact, tight growing habit. Reblooming.


Tree Form Hydrangea

Hydrangea Tree Form- For something very unique in your landscape design, try tree form 'Limelight' hydrangea. The flowers are chartreuse green and will 'pop' in a yard. Supplies will not last long! Tree formed shrubs are perfect for planting in large containers to flank a front entry way, at the end of a driveway or as a front yard accent.

For other hydrangea varieties we carry see Hydrangea.


Jazz Hands Bold Loropetalum

Jazz Hands Bold Loropetalum 6' - 8'. A Proven Winners plant. A tall shrub for backgrounds or privacy hedges. It is an eye catching shrub which holds a deep color all season long.

For other Loropetalum varieties we carry see Loropetalum.


Tree Form Drift Roses

Roses Drift Roses Tree Form- Summer flowering tree formed drift roses in red, coral and white. These will not last long! Tree formed shrubs are a wonderful idea for planting in large containers to a front door entrance, the end of a driveway or as a front yard accent.

For other rose bush varieties we carry see Roses.



Ornamental Trees:

Empress of China Dogwood

Dogwood 'Celestial Shadow' Variegated - Variegated leaves emerge in spring with wide margins of butter yellow and lime green centers. The yellow and green variegation adds contrast to the bright white flowers.


Empress of China Dogwood

Dogwood 'Empress of China' - A Southern Living Collection plant. A unique evergreen Chinese Dogwood which has a vigorous yet graceful form. 'Empress of China' is a prolific bloomer with each branch holding up to 150 white flowers.

To see other Dogwood trees we carry visit Dogwoods.


Prostrate Beauty Dwarf Deodar Cedar

Prostrate Beauty Dwarf Deodar Cedar- Finally a small size deodar cedar for small space landscape needs! 'Prostrate Beauty' is unique as it is a low grower at 8'. It features the classic steel blue needles of the larger Deodars. It is a gorgeous tree with a true blue color.

To see other cedar trees we carry visit Cedar Trees.


Murasaki kiyohime Dwarf

Japanese Maple 'Murasaki kiyohime' Dwarf - 2' - 4' Very unique! A small Japanese maple which grows much wider than it will tall. 'Murasaki kiyohime' is a green leaf with foliage which will in spring is bright green with red margins. By mid summer the foliage changes to glossy, dark green with purple red margins. Perfect for a front door statement or to grow in a container.


Beni Otake Japanese Maple

'Beni Otake'linearilobum upright tree to 15'. An unusual upright japanese maple with long, narrow leaves and great all season color.Leaves emerge a medium red color which it will remain well into the summer months. Later in the season foliage changes to a bronze green then finally green. For the second growth cycle at summer's end new red growth appears along branch ends layering over the mature green leaves for a dramatic overall look. Fall color is crimson.

For other Japanese Maples we stock visit Japanese Maple


Japanese Black Pine Thunderhead

Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine - 10' - 15' A semi dwarf pine variety with a shrubby, compact form. Thunderhead is one of the smaller members of the Japanese Black Pine family and has an unusual look.


Weeping Serbian Spruce A dramatic focal point for a landscape garden, Weeping Serbian Spruce is a conifer with an elegant columnar form, slightly twisted, pendulous branches. Foliage is a striking two tone green and silver


Plants On Sale!

Midnight Magic Crape Myrtle

'Midnight Magic' 3 gallon $5.00

Pink with purple foliage. 'Midnight Magic' 4' - 6' semi dwarf First Editions Series. Dark purple maroon foliage all season with abundant deep pink flowers, 'Midnight Magic' has a rounded compact habit. Flowering starts in mid summer and remains colorful in September.


Moonlight Magic Crape Myrtle

'Moonlight Magic' 3 gallon $5.00

White with purple foliage. 'Moonlight Magic' 8' - 12' First Editions Series semi dwarf crape myrtle. Dark maroon purple leaves. 'Moonlight Magic' is truly a breeding breakthrough in crape myrtle trees. Foliage is a show stopping deep maroon while flowers are snowy white. The contrast on 'Moonlight Magic'is stunning. 'Moonlight Magic' is a unique plant for your home landscape and semi dwarf, so subtitle for small gardens.


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