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Everillo Sedge

Sedge - Everillo-Sedge - 12"-18" A bright spot for a perennial bed or container. Everillo ornamental sedge has a golden chartreuse color and is evergreen. A shade loving plant for part shade. Looks great when planted with purple, red or orange heuchera or dark leaf hostas in a shade border. For other ornamental grass varieties we carry, see Ornamental Grasses.




Abelia Kaleidoscope

Abelia 'Kaleidoscope' - A very colorful, compact ornamental shrub to add color to a landscape. Leaves are a variegated yellow and green which can turn red and deep orange during the fall. In summer 'Kaleidoscope' has small white flowers which will attract butterflies to a garden. Drought tolerant and easy to grow, 'Kaleidoscope' requires little maintenance. For other abelia varieties we carry, see Abelia.


Romany camellia japonica

Camellia - We have in a fresh assortment of camellia shrubs, both sasanqua and dwarf. For samples of the varieties we typically stock, please see: Camellia


Distylium Coppertone

Distylium 'Coppertone' - 3'-4' Evergreen shrub with a rounded to spreading habit. New leaves are coppery red which will change to to blue green as it matures. Small red flowers appear in winter. For other distylium varieties we carry, see Distylium.


Frost Proof Gardenia

Gardenia 'Frost Proof' - Evergreen shrub. Fragrant white blooms, evergreen deep green glossy foliage. It can adapt to a variety of soil conditions and can take more sun than other gardenia shrubs. For other gardenia varieties we carry, see Gardenia.


Pieris Katsura

Pieris 'Katsura' - Compact form, broadleaf evergreen for shade. 'Katsura' is an eye catching shrub in a landscape with large glossy, deep red foliage that ages to green. The attractive color of new growth tips create a wonderful contrast in any garden. In late spring, pretty rose colored flowers emerge over  green foliage. For pieris varieties we carry, see Pieris.


Double Take Orange Storm Flowering Quince

Quince'Double Take Orange Storm' - Proven Winners. Bright, double flowers for a beautiful early spring display. Drought tolerant once established, thornless. For other quince varieties we carry, see Flowering Quince.


Gold Thread Falsecypress

False Cypress Gold Thread - 3' - 5' A small conifer for color in a landscape design with bright golden yellow draping, string like branches. Gold Thread will form a dense mounding shrub. For other false cypress varieties we carry, see False cypress.


Spider's Web Speckled Fatsia

Fatsia 'Spider's Web' - Speckled Fatsia. A deep shade loving plant ideal for southern landscapes, Speckled Fatsia has shiny green palmate leaves bordered with a heavy white speckling. The coloring can often run the center of the leaf. Be patient, 'Spider's Web' Speckled Fatsia can take up 3 years for it to show the mature coloring characteristics. When it matures it grows into a show stopping shrub for a shade garden.


Ligustrum Sunshine

Ligustrum 'Sunshine' - 3'-6' A good choice for a low hedge. Sunshine Ligustrum is evergreen with year round yellow golden foliage which flourishes in full sun. This cultivar is sterile and non-invasive.


Globe Blue Spruce

Globe Blue Spruce - 3'- 5' Evergreen shrub with bright blue needles which hold their color well throughout the year. The blue is more intense during the summer months. For other spruce varieties we carry, see Spruce.


Roseum elegans Rhododendrons

Rhododendron  - 'Roseum elegans' and 'Nova Zembla' shade tolerant evergreen shrub. Flowering occurs in late spring. Both are abundant bloomers. It is a great choice for mixed borders, privacy fencing and woodland gardens.


Tree Form Drift Roses

Tree Form Drift Roses - Summer flowering tree formed drift roses in red, coral and white. These will not last long! Tree formed shrubs are a wonderful idea for planting in large containers to a front door entrance, the end of a driveway or as a front yard accent. For other rose bush varieties we carry, see Roses.


Tree Form Hydrangea

Tree Form Hydrangea - For something very unique in your landscape design, try tree form 'Limelight'  hydrangea. The flowers are chartreuse green and will 'pop' in a yard. Supplies will not last long! Tree formed shrubs are perfect for planting in large containers to flank a front entry way, at the end of a driveway or as a front yard accent. For other hydrangea varieties we carry, see Hydrangea.



Ornamental Trees:


Arborvitae Zebrina

Arborvitae 'Zebrina' - a unique arborvitae with a tall, narrow habit which matures as a pyramidal tree to 8' - 12' wide. From a distance the overall appearance and color of this tree is one of a bright yellow green but upon closer view the feathery foliage is striped with both deep green and creamy golden yellow. With its narrow form 'Zebrina' is a best pick for a privacy screen between buildings, to line a long driveway or as a stand alone backdrop in a landscape design.


Okame Yoshino Kwanzan Cherry

Okame Cherry, Yoshino Cherry, and Kwanzan Cherry

Cherry Trees - Ornamental flowering cherry trees in container or B&B sizes. Varieties including Kwanzan, Yoshino and Okame. To see other flowering cherries we carry, visit our Flowering Cherry Trees page.


 Prostrate Beauty Dwarf Deodar Cedar

Prostrate Beauty Dwarf Deodar Cedar - Finally a small size deodar cedar for small space landscape needs! 'Prostrate Beauty' is unique as it is a low grower at 8'. It features the classic steel blue needles of the larger Deodars. It is a gorgeous tree with a true blue color. To see other cedar trees we carry, visit Cedar Trees.


Japanese Maple 'Murasaki kiyohime' Dwarf - 2' - 4' Very unique! A small Japanese maple which grows much wider than it will tall. 'Murasaki kiyohime' is a green leaf with foliage which will in spring is bright green with red margins. By mid summer the foliage changes to glossy, dark green with purple red margins. Perfect for a front door statement or to grow in a container.


Tamuke Yama Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple Weeping 'Tamuke Yama'

'Tamukeyama' Japanese Maple. Dissectum red laceleaf. A hardy plant with a strong cascading form. 'Tamukeyama' is a beautiful cultivar featuring outstanding color throughout the seasons. Kinsey Family Farm has a limited supply of high graft, umbrella formed Tamuke Yama trees.


Viridis Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple Weeping 'Viridis'

Acer palmatum dissectum 'Viridis' - Weeping dwarf. Deeply dissected green leaves on cascading, weeping branches mature to a naturally formal mound, perfect for a garden focal point. Fall color is brilliant with orange gold leaves tipped in red. Has an airy, delicate appearance. Kinsey Family Farm has a limited supply of beautiful 45 gallon specimens.


Cherokee Dogwood

Cherokee Dogwood 'Princess', 'Brave' -> White and pink flowering cultivars of out native dogwood trees. To see other dogwood trees we carry, visit Dogwood Trees.


Mountain Gordlinia 'Sweet Tea'  -< A hybrid which combines the best traits of Franklinia alatamaha with those of Gordonia lasianthus,Loblolly Bay. Large. Slightly cupped, white flowers have a bright yellow center. Leaves are rich orange and red during fall. Semi-evergreen.


Japanese Black Pine Thunderhead

Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine - 10' - 15' A semi dwarf pine variety with a shrubby, compact form. Thunderhead is one of the smaller members of the Japanese Black Pine family and has an unusual look.


Weeping Serbian Spruce A dramatic focal point for a landscape garden, Weeping Serbian Spruce is a conifer with an elegant columnar form, slightly twisted, pendulous branches. Foliage is a striking two tone green and silver


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