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New Perennials:

Pink Muhly Grass 4'. A small ornamental native grass with glossy green foliage and airy pink red flowers late in the season. Pink Muhly Grass can be outstanding when planted in mass where flowers are backlit by the sun. It may also be grown in containers. Prefers regular watering but can be drought tolerant.To see other varieties of hosta we carry see our Ornamental Grasses page. Pink Muhly Grass
Mums! Asters! - We have a selection of mums and asters for your fall decorations and front porch displays. Colors are purples, oranges and yellow. This includes perennial asters such as the pretty 'Purple Dome' variety which can be planted in your garden after the season is over. Next summer they will attract butterflies to your yard. Win win! Large Giant Liberty Hosta Plant
Japanese Painted Fern 'Red Beauty' - It would be difficult not to love Japanese Painted Fern with its purple - silver frond and vigorous growing habit, and 'Red Beauty' just gives you more to like. Japanese Painted Fern 'Red Beauty'
Shiny Bristle Fern - A handsome, upright fern variety for southern landscape plans with fronds so shiny they look like plastic. Shiny Bristle Fern is deciduous but will hold its leaves well into the fall season. For other ferns we stock, visit our Perennial Ferns page. Shiny Bristle Fern



New Shrubs:

Encore Azaleas - Reblooming, evergreen azaleas for sun. We have in several new varieties including the rd 'Bonfire! For more azalea types we carry please see our Azalea Shrubs page. Proven Winners Lets Dance Diva Hydrangea
Buttonbush 'Sugar Shack' - Proven Winners plant. 3-5'. Fragrant, white flowers. 'Sugar Shack' is a smaller size than the species variety and great for southern residential landscapes. Buttonbush prefers a little water so is perfect for damp areas but is drought tolerant once established. Buttonbush Sugar Shack
Shrub Dogwood 'Cayenne' -  First Editions Plant. Green leaves during the summer time, red to orange fall foliage, porcelain blue berries and bright red stems in winter give this shrub dogwood multi season interest. Prefers moisture so is desirable in a wetland area, damp spot or along creek edges. For other dogwoods we stock, visit our Dogwood page. Cayenne Shrub Dogwood
Dwarf Norway Spruce 'Bird's Nest' - 2-3' tall, 4-5' wide. A low growing variety which earns its name from the birds nest shape. Due to the dwarf height, 'Bird's Nest' Norway spruce is ideal for front yard landscape plan or small residential gardens. For other spruce we carry, visit our Spruce page Bird's Nest Dwarf Norway Spruce
Camellias! - We have Camellia japonica, Camellia Sasanqua and dwarf varieties for spring or fall blooming seasons. The dwarf camellia are a great idea for small space gardens or larger varsities can be ideal as a privacy hedge. For more camellia types we carry please see our Camellia page. Camellias



New Ornamental Trees:

Weeping Baldcypress 'Falling Waters'' - A deciduous conifer with a graceful arching form and the bright green needles of an upright baldcypress tree. It is a unique variety to grow as a centerpiece in a perennial shrub border or by a front of the house entryway. For other cypress we carry, visit our Cypress page. Weeping Baldcypress Falling Waters
Dogwood 'Autumn Gold' A unique dogwood tree known for its bright yellow gold fall color and beautiful red to orange twig color in the winter months. In fall this tree will pop in your landscape plan. Bright red berries will attract birds to your yard and the white spring flowers are a welcomed sight at winter's end. For other dogwoods we stock, visit our Dogwood page. Autumn Gold Dogwood
Black Gum 'Wildfire' 'Green Gable' Nyssa sylvatica. black tupelo Deciduous 30' - 50'. Black Gum is a beautiful native tree and features bright red new growth in spring which changes dark green for summer. In autumn, foliage changes to a fiery shade of scarlet. Nyssa sylvatica. black tupelo
Japanese Maple 'Floating Cloud' - A striking variety of the a white variegated upright Japanese maple tree. When the tree is first planted and young, the foliage will show a lot of green. As it matures in future years the white variegation will become dominant. When viewed from a distance, the small pink, green and white variegation has the effect of a floating cloud. To see a variety of Japanese Maple we carry see our Japanese Maple page. Trompenburg Japanese Maple
Southern Magnolia 'Kay Parris' - 20'. A flowering tree with the classic white flowers of a southern magnolia. Compact, upright growth. 'Kay Parris' has bright green leaves which are very glossy while the undersides are a stunning deep orange brown. The smaller size makes it ideal for a small space landscape or yard. For other Magnolias we carry, visit our Magnolias page. Southern Magnolia Kay Parris




Plants On Sale!


Camillas Blush Native Azalea

'Camilla's Blush' Native Azalea - B&B 50% Off

'Camilla's Blush' native azalea, gorgeous B&B specimens! Originally $175 but now 50% off!!! Soft pink 6' - 8'. This deciduous native is frequently seen as a selection of Piedmont azaleas. 'Camilla's Blush' has highly fragrant, showy, pale pink flowers in spring.


Midnight Magic Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle 'Midnight Magic' - 3 gallon $5.00

Pink with purple foliage. 'Midnight Magic' 4' - 6' semi dwarf First Editions Series. Dark purple maroon foliage all season with abundant deep pink flowers, 'Midnight Magic' has a rounded compact habit. Flowering starts in mid summer and remains colorful in September.


Moonlight Magic Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle 'Moonlight Magic' - 3 gallon $5.00

White with purple foliage. 'Moonlight Magic' 8' - 12' First Editions Series semi dwarf crape myrtle. Dark maroon purple leaves. 'Moonlight Magic' is truly a breeding breakthrough in crape myrtle trees. Foliage is a show stopping deep maroon while flowers are snowy white. The contrast on 'Moonlight Magic' is stunning. 'Moonlight Magic' is a unique plant for your home landscape and semi dwarf, so subtitle for small gardens.


Dwarf Ninebark Tiny Wine

Ninebark Dwarf 'Tiny Wine' - 1 Gallon $6

Ninebark 'Tiny Wine' Proven Winners plants. 3-4' tall deciduous shrub, purple leaf. Dwarf ninebark has deep burgundy leaves. 'Tiny Wine' will form a dense, rounded shape and is the perfect native plant for a small space garden.


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