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New Perennials:



Switchgrass 'Dallas Blues' 4' - 6'. One of our finest native ornamental grasses with broad blades in a beautiful blue green. Tall flower spikes are tan which age to pale pink. Drought resistant, use for erosion control, rock gardens or as an ornamental accent.

We also stock large and small size ornamental grasses in several colors. To see other varieties of ornamental grasses we carry see Grasses.




Hosta 'June' - 'June' is a beautiful mid-sized hosta to brighten up a shady spot. It is easy to grow and low maintenance. This variety would also do well in containers for a patio or deck.

We also carry small and giant hostas! To see other varieties of hosta we carry see our Hosta page.





Daylilies - The daylilies are beginning to bloom in our nursery! Come see the many colors we carry.

Entrapment - Super bloomer with multiple flowers per stem once mature. Large 6" purple blue flowers have a yellow throat and wonderful ruffling.

Fragrant Returns - Pretty lemon chiffon flowers are lightly ruffled and their fragrance fills the air over a long blooming season.

For more information visit our Daylily page.










Ferns - Got shade? We got ferns! It's the time of year when ferns are busting out and looking amazing. There is something special about a shady area which has been mass planted with ferns. They come in different colors including greens, chartreuse, purple and coppery bronze. Some are evergreen, too! Don't think that all ferns need a lot of water, some are more tolerant of dry areas.

To see a variety of ferns we carry see our Ferns page.




Perennials for Butterflies and Pollinators! - For those who wish to attract butterflies and pollinators to your garden, now is the time! We have several different easy to grow perennials in bloom for them. This includes catmint, beardtongue, butterfly weed, bee balm, assorted daises, asters, coneflower, blanket flower and more.

For ideas on attracting hummingbirds to your garden visit our Hummingbird Gardens page.



clematis Vine

Clematis Vine - In pink, purple, white or deep reddish pink. Large, showy flowers on an old fashioned plant. Will tolerate partial shade.

Mandevilla Vine - Yellow or pink. A vine which should be treated like an annual plant in Georgia. The large, tropical looking flowers attract hummingbirds and add 'pop' to your landscape.

Kinsey Family Farm carries a variety of flowering vines. For more visit Flowering Vines




New Shrubs:


Cleyera Juliet

Cleyera 'Juliet' 8' - 10'. A Southern Living Collection plant. Very colorful!! Full sun to part shade. Attractive, glossy, variegated, leaves on a low maintenance evergreen shrub. New growth is maroon with an unusual creamy white variegation. Slightly smaller than other varieties, 'Juliet' Cleyera will tolerate a hard pruning and is ideal for a mid size privacy hedge.


Dwarf Hinoki Cypress Nana Lutea

Hinoki Cypress Dwarf 'Nana Lutea' 18" - 36". Golden dwarf Hinoki cypress with golden yellow fan like foliage. Needles of 'Nana Lutea' are deep blue green on the inside of the plant and tipped in a yellow golden color. Drought tolerant, 'Nana Lutea' is a great choice for rock gardens and containers.


Cityline mars hydrangea

Hydrangea Cityline Mars - Proven Winners. A low growing plant with showy magenta pink or blue flowers edged in white.  Long lasting blooms in summer.


Proven Winners Lets Dance Diva Hydrangea

'Let's Dance Diva' 3-4' Proven Winners bigleaf, shade tolerant. You have to see this beauty in person to appreciate the HUGE flowers! Blue to pink color depends upon soil pH. An alkaline soil will turn the petals a mid to deep pink while acidic soil will change them to a purple blue. Re-blooming mophead variety. Blooms on both new and old wood.


Panicle Hydrangea Little Lime

Hydrangea 'Little Lime'. Sun loving!! A Proven Winners plant, a dwarf hydrangea variety with flowers similar to 'Limelight'. 'Little Lime' has the the same blooms but in a smaller shrub for small space gardens. Beautiful green flowers change to pink in fall. 'Little Lime' is good for containers or use in cut flower arrangements.


Osmanthus heterophyllus Goshiki False Holly

False Holly Goshiki 3'-5'. Shade tolerant! Goshiki translates from the Japanese language as "five colors". The name is appropriate for this plant as new leaves emerge red which later changes to green. The dense foliage is covered with spots of yellow green, creamy white and gray green. A best pick for the shady border garden.


Jazz Hands Variegated Loropetalum

Loropetalum Jazz Hands Variegated 4' -6. A Proven Winners plant with powerful color. New growth is speckled with white and pink variegation and foliage will mature to rich purple. A distinctive plant which will make a beautiful specimen or bold statement when planted a mid size hedge.



New Ornamental Trees:

Empress of China Dogwood

Dogwood 'Empress of China' - A Southern Living Collection plant. A unique evergreen Chinese Dogwood which has a vigorous yet graceful form. 'Empress of China' is a prolific bloomer with each branch holding up to 150 white flowers.

To see other Dogwood trees we carry visit Dogwoods.


False Cypress Soft Serve'

False Cypress 'Soft Serve' 6' - 10' evergreen. Compact and conical, 'Soft Serve' is a medium height great plant for small privacy hedges or borders. The foliage is a bright green on top with a silvery blue underside on branches that fall in a graceful arch. Very pretty when mature and perfect for small space privacy or as an accent tree!


Autumn Moon Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple 'Autumn Moon' Fullmoon Maple. A must for the Japanese Maple collector. An outstanding small tree for small landscapes or city gardens with limited space. New growth is an eye catching burnt orange to yellow. For the remainder of the season 'Autumn Moon' fullmoon maple colors are tones which range from orange, salmon and chartreuse.


Beni Otake Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple 'Beni Otake' linearilobum upright tree to 15'. An unusual upright japanese maple with long, narrow leaves and great all season color.Leaves emerge a medium red color which it will remain well into the summer months. Later in the season foliage changes to a bronze green then finally green. For the second growth cycle at summer's end new red growth appears along branch ends layering over the mature green leaves for a dramatic overall look. Fall color is crimson.

For other Japanese Maples we stock visit Japanese Maple


Weeping Persimmon Magic Fountain

Persimmon - Weeping Persimmon 'Magic Fountain'. Plant something unique! A dramatic selection of our native persimmon tree known for upright, rapid growth habit and graceful sweeping branches. 'Magic Fountain' Weeping Persimmon has a narrow width of 5' to 7' making it a good choice for narrow spaces. Weeping Persimmon is planted primarily as a beautiful ornamental however it can produce fruit in fall.


Japanese Black Pine Thunderhead

Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine - 10' - 15' A semi dwarf pine variety with a shrubby, compact form. Thunderhead is one of the smaller members of the Japanese Black Pine family and has an unusual look.




Plants On Sale!


Camillas Blush Native Azalea

'Camilla's Blush' Native Azalea - B&B 50% Off

'Camilla's Blush' native azalea, gorgeous B&B specimens! Originally $175 but now 50% off!!! Soft pink 6' - 8'. This deciduous native is frequently seen as a selection of Piedmont azaleas. 'Camilla's Blush' has highly fragrant, showy, pale pink flowers in spring.


Midnight Magic Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle 'Midnight Magic' - 3 gallon $5.00

Pink with purple foliage. 'Midnight Magic' 4' - 6' semi dwarf First Editions Series. Dark purple maroon foliage all season with abundant deep pink flowers, 'Midnight Magic' has a rounded compact habit. Flowering starts in mid summer and remains colorful in September.


Moonlight Magic Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle 'Moonlight Magic' - 3 gallon $5.00

White with purple foliage. 'Moonlight Magic' 8' - 12' First Editions Series semi dwarf crape myrtle. Dark maroon purple leaves. 'Moonlight Magic' is truly a breeding breakthrough in crape myrtle trees. Foliage is a show stopping deep maroon while flowers are snowy white. The contrast on 'Moonlight Magic'is stunning. 'Moonlight Magic' is a unique plant for your home landscape and semi dwarf, so subtitle for small gardens.


Fire Light Hydrangea

Hydrangea 'Fire Light' - Buy One, Get One!

Hydrangea paniculata Proven Winners Panicle Hydrangea 'Fire Light' 5' Sun tolerant. A Proven Winners plant. 'Fire Light' is a new panicle hydrangea that produces large flower heads in midsummer. It features a unique white to red color; the blooms open to a lovely snow white, then mature to a beautiful deep red as summer progresses.


Dwarf Ninebark Tiny Wine

Ninebark Dwarf 'Tiny Wine' - 1 Gallon $6

Ninebark 'Tiny Wine' Proven Winners plants. 3-4' tall deciduous shrub, purple leaf. Dwarf ninebark has deep burgundy leaves. 'Tiny Wine' will form a dense, rounded shape and is the perfect native plant for a small space garden.


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